Youth Camp 2017

+what is youth camp?

YouthCamp is four days packed full of fun, games, team building, passionate worship and preaching from God’s word.  We look forward to YC all year long, held at Camp Men-o-Lan in Quakertown, PA,  as we make lasting memories and grow together.  For 2017, our dates are July 31-August 3, and we want YOU to be there this year!

+who is it for?

YouthCamp is open to members of GCC and those pursuing membership in grades 7-12 for the ’17-’18 school year, as well as those in this year’s graduating class of 2017.  All are welcome to attend the evening sessions without prior registration.

+how do I register?

Fill out the information on the webpage below, after which you’ll be taken to a payment page.
Registration costs are:
$140 for one camper
$250 for two campers
$340 for three or more campers

Also, every camper must print out and fill out this form entirely, preferably before registration:

Parental Consent Form Youth Camp 2017

+additional information

Check-in at Camp Men-O-Lan begins at 3pm on Monday, July 31 and camp ends at 1pm on Thursday, August 3.

Packing List

Directions to Camp Men-O-Lan


YC'17 Registration

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