Sermon Recap — October 8, 2017

Life Is Always About What Christ Is Doing

Kyle Huber
October 8, 2017
Philippians 1:12-18
Sermon Audio

Main Theme: If life is always about Christ and serving His kingdom, then every situation will be fruitful.

Paul is in chains. He realizes this imprisonment could end in death. However, Paul is not creating a vivid picture of his suffering. The only details he is interested in giving is about the ministry and mission of the gospel. The central issue for Paul is — “what is Christ doing in my circumstances?” Following Paul’s example, what is good for us should be measured by what is good for the kingdom of Christ, not our circumstances.

The gospel is advancing in two clear ways:

  • To unbelievers
  • To believers

Paul’s body was in chains but the Holy Spirit and the gospel are never in chains. If our lives are about serving Christ, then we ought not categorize our lives as “bad” regardless of what circumstances may say to us. God uses our trials to exalt and glorify Himself and to advance the gospel and that is good.

Paul rejoices in the work of the gospel going forward. Paul’s joy is rooted in the progress of the gospel, not in his circumstances. The kingdom of Christ is always progressing in the world.


  1. Be a worshiper
  2. Interact with God’s Word
  3. Be vocal about kingdom activity – about how you see God at work in your life and in the lives of others.

Questions for Discussion / Application:

  • The gospel’s advance was central to Paul’s joy. If the gospel was being proclaimed, he rejoiced even if he was suffering. How can we cultivate a mindset and heart attitude where the gospel’s advance is central to our own goals and dreams?
  • When Jesus Christ, His purposes and mission aren’t central to our joy, other things are.
    • What dreams/ambitions in our own hearts can at times compete with Jesus Christ and His mission?
    • A helpful heart diagnostic — “I can only be happy if <fill in the blank>”
  • How can “becoming a worshiper” as Kyle recommended at the end of his sermon help Jesus Christ and His gospel and His mission to take an increasingly central place in our hearts?
  • What does it look like practically to “be a worshiper?”
  • What does it mean to “interact with” God’s Word? How can that help Jesus Christ and His gospel and His mission to take an increasingly central place in our hearts?
  • How can we become more vocal about kingdom activity –about how we see God at work both in our own lives and in the lives of others? What difference would it make if we all become more vocal about kingdom activity?