Christmas Eve Kid’s Choir

Thank you for your interest in Grace Community Church’s Christmas Eve Children’s Choir! Many preparations are being made to help our Kid’s Choir experience a time of great worship and rejoicing in the birth of our Savior and King! Please make sure to be familiar with rehearsal details below before registering your child(ren) using the form at the base of this page.

The Kid’s Choir will be performing on Christmas Eve in the Sunday morning service.  ALL children from Kindergarten through 6th grade will have the opportunity to be introduced to the songs and experience a rehearsal during an assembly in Children’s Ministry on November 5th.

Choir registration may take place before the assembly, and computers designated for registration will be available when children are picked up from the assembly.  All choir registration should be completed by Thursday, November 8.

From November 12 through December 17, choir rehearsals will take place during Children’s Ministry time from approximately 11am-12pm. Children in choir will not meet in their classes at all throughout the Sundays of rehearsal. Since the choir performance will take place early in the morning service on Christmas Eve, classes will resume as usual that morning. If choir parents would like to go over content from Children’s Ministry lessons at home, more information is available here. Curriculum will be sent by the office on request.

A note about snacks on rehearsal mornings… No snacks will be provided during the Children’s Ministry hour for children Kindergarten and up.  Instead, free soft pretzels (one per child) will be provided in the Hub to children in both Children’s Ministry and choir.

Requirements for participation…

1. Children must be able to attend most of the practices. It is understandable that unforeseen circumstances arise which may cause a child to miss practice, but if you know in advance that your child will miss 3 or more practices due to scheduled activities, please do not sign up to participate.

2. Dress rehearsal will be immediately following the service on Sunday, December 17th. All children must attend this practice.

3. Children must be willing to perform in front of an audience and be able to follow directions and participate appropriately during rehearsal time. Choir is open to children as young as Kindergarten; but please judge appropriately whether your child is mature enough to be able to participate.

4. On Christmas Eve morning (December 24),  there will be a final dress rehearsal and sound check. Children must be at church by 8am.

5. Children will need to spend time at home listening and memorizing these songs

Thank you. To register your child(ren), please complete the form below.  A “success message” will replace your form after your submission has been successfully sent.

Christmas Eve Kid's Choir Registration

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